Unblock Sites Free Proxy

Be protected when you are surfing online

Why Using Unblock Sites Proxy

Protected online surfing

Use Unblock sites proxy for free to route your web traffic through our proxy and keep other sites from spying on your web activity.

Guaranted Access

Our proxy guarantees you access to any website worldwide,use it if you are in a country that blocks access to some sites ,or inside your home and work networks.

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Facebook and Youtube Access

Most campanies block access to Facebook and Youtube to prevent their workers from visiting them on work time.Use our proxy to unblock them.

Unlock all popular sites


Facebook is the biggest social media site,unlock it using our free proxy .


Youtube is the biggest platform for videos online,watch your prefered videos by unlocking Youtube through our proxy .


Use our free proxy to unlock Twitter .

Bypass filters

UnblockSitesProxy allows you to bypass filters installed or configured in network router of firewall or by government at principa country ISP,bu tunneling your connections,browse any web site you want,our proxy connects to it and gives you back the pages your demanding.

Get more informations about proxies

Proxies are very usefull in many situations ,if you want to know more about proxies,particularly web proxies and understand how they work to unblock your favorite websites then we have a blog for you where we are doing our best to explain how proxies work ,visit at www.unblocksitesproxy.com/blog